Proven ways to get better at hooking up

Do you want to get more hookups and get better at hooking up but have no idea how? No one is naturally an expert at that, so you need to learn a few tricks to get better with experience. If you do not know where you should start, here are some proven ways you can get better at hooking up!

Get Consent

First things first, before you try to make an obvious move on someone, you need to make sure that you get their consent first. Whether they are Seattle escorts or someone you just met, you want to make sure that they are okay with what you want to do. Trying to force an uncomfortable situation on someone can be very upsetting for both parties, so try to verbally ask them first if they are comfortable with hooking up.

Take It Slow

Let’s say that you got someone to hook up with you and you are about to do the deed. Do not get too excited yet! Trying to rush into it can mean the hook up is over immediately, which can be disappointing for the other person. Instead, try to learn how to take it slow and build up the tension. That way, you will enjoy yourself for a longer period and your partner will be satisfied.

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Make Eye Contact

While hooking up is meant to be just for fun, that does not mean that you cannot be intimate. You can make the experience better for the both of you by adding a bit of connection into the mix. For instance, making a good amount of eye contact as you guys hook up can help turn up the heat!

Have Good Hygiene

While this is not essentially a part of hooking up, it is certainly an important part of getting better at hooking up. If you hook up with someone, you want them to be clean right? Extend the other party the same favor by making sure your hygiene is up to standards before hooking up with them.

You do not have to go above and beyond either, but some basic hygiene will be well appreciated. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, wearing deodorant, etc. before you meet the other person can go a long way in bed. You can also pack mints or breath spray to take with you, and you can use them right before you do the deed to have minty breath.

Make The First Move

See someone you want to hook up with but have no idea how to start? Simply be the brave one and make the first move by striking a conversation with them. If they seem like they are open to the conversation, you could find yourself hooking up shortly after!

In Conclusion

Do you want to frequently hook up with other people and be good at it? It is not complicated once you know what to do. Follow the tips above to get started right away!