Leadership and Service

As a leader and administrator, I develop compelling visions using creative strategies and analytical approaches. I've supervised and mentored diverse staff members and volunteers, and contribute to the field by speaking at conferences, writing for professional journals, and participating online.

Audience Engagement

Good museums are cultural magnets. I build diverse audiences with a content-based approach that links existing affinities to compelling new experiences. Focusing on imagination and energy, I mix performances, creative opportunities, and unique presentation styles, resulting in don't-miss happenings.

Exhibitions and Interpretation

I've served as interpretive lead on 15+ major exhibition projects. My planning approach is grounded in current learning theory, connected to communities, and infused with creative inspiration from beyond the museum world. The result: moving and memorable encounters with objects, people, and ideas. 

Digital Interpretive Media

Done well, digital experiences inspire deeper connections with content, in the galleries and beyond. Using a team-based practice of concept generation, storyboarding, and prototyping, I've developed award-winning digital media projects for galleries, web, and social media.